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Entry #1


2011-10-26 15:34:12 by theofficialGH057

Finally, accepted here on New Grounds!

Hello everybody. My handle (and AIM) is lamentleviathan, but you all may call me GH057 or "Ghost". I hail from Baltimore, MD, where I spend my daily life planning out rave events, hitting on chicks and the occasional button mash on video games.

I am a music producer and LIVE DJ with some minimal internet fame already, so coming to NG, I'm hoping to expand my outreach!

Without further ado, my first track is here: "Astral Method". A sort of twisty bendy sounding womp womp DnB / Drumstep track I made using some new sounds.

I hope you enjoy!


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2011-10-26 15:50:14

Hello & Welcome to NewGrounds! Don't forget to put all your favorite Flash/Games/Art & Audio on your page, also Voting on your 5 submissions of the day Everyday. Have a great day :D