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The house down the road The house down the road

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Nice track here. Very ominous feeling. Very well mixed sounds and flow. I could totally see this being a back track for something out of Shin Megami or something.

Good stuff. 5/5 and 10'd!

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Freebix responds:

Thanks! That would be completely awesome about the Shin Megami!! :D

Ponybeat 75bpm Ponybeat 75bpm

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice sounds

I feel it needs more sounds in it. Still cool though, with potential of having something to just give it more oomph, so I give you a 4/5 and a 7/10 for a nice groove.

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By Cenajus! {Needs Feedback} By Cenajus! {Needs Feedback}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice chune m8

I like the flow of your lead piece. The vibe groove in the back gives it more of an ambient feel. The drums give it a nice edge when the come in. Feels like something from the .HACK games.

4/5 - Diggin it.
8/10 for originality.

Cenajus responds:

i love the .HACK games :D (but no inspiration from that since i havent heard any of the sound of that)

[I was actually inspired by the Terraria: Day theme... somehow... I was trying to play it on piano by ear, i got one part so i ran to my computer and started putting the notes into FL Studio to see if i could make a remix, but since i have ADD, i placed an extra note to see what would happen and deleted half of the old notes... and it went uphill from there]